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Handbooks on Health
Montreal Health Press puts out an outstanding series of publications on health topics relevant to women of all ages. The 50-page handbooks on birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and menopause were updated in 1997 and the one on sexual assault was produced in 1996. Available in French and English, these are great resources for school counsellors, health educators, community workers and women's resource centres. Single copies cost $4.00 and low bulk rates are available. Contact:

Montreal Health Press
P.O. Box 1000
Station Place du Parc
Montreal, Quebec H2W 2N1
Tel: (514) 282-1171
Fax: (514) 282-0262
Web site:

A Way Out: Women with Disabilities and Smoking
DisAbled Women's Network (DAWN) Canada has written a workbook specifically geared to help women with disabilities quit smoking. It looks at why women with disabilities smoke and offers support and helpful hints for women who want to quit. You can get the workbook on tape or disk and in a large print format. A limited number of Braille copies are available. To order, contact:

DAWN Canada
408-3637 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 2X3
Tel/Fax: (604) 873-1564

Teach Me To Thunder
This training manual is jam-packed with resources for anti-racism training in women's organizations, health care institutions, community groups and non-profit agencies. As well as describing 32 proven training activities in detail, the manual also contains 62 ready-to-use handouts/materials, and a handy list of print and video resources. The package is available at cost, for $35.00. Mailing is an additional $6.00. For more information, contact:

From the Margin
65 Ossington Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 3B5
Tel: (613) 730-8957
Fax: (613) 567-3287

Bill of Rights for Contraceptive Research, Development and Use
This Bill of Rights meets the urgent need for a set of women-centred guidelines governing the development, distribution and use of contraceptives. It grew out of a long process of thinking and analyzing on the part of Northern and Southern women concerned about the harmful effects of many pharmaceuticals on women's lives. Beginning with a list of ethical principles, the document goes on to offer specific guidelines for research, development, testing, evaluation and monitoring. It also provides clear direction to funders and policy makers for implementing health services and planning reproductive health research and programs. This free booklet is available in English, French and Spanish from:

Canadian Women's Committee on Population and Development
c/o Inter Pares/Women's Health Interaction
58 Arthur Street
Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 7B9
Tel: (613) 563-4801
Fax: (613) 594-4704

A New Look at Breast Cancer: Beyond Early Detection
A new booklet published by DES Action Canada takes a critical look at old myths about breast cancer and recent advances. Written by breast cancer survivor Sharon Batt, who authored the acclaimed Patient No More: The Politics of Breast Cancer, this friendly publication untangles the confusing web of facts and figures surrounding breast cancer. Not only does it explain each innovation in plain language, but it also raises important medical and ethical questions. Available in French and English, the booklets cost $5.00 each, postage included. For more information, contact:

DES Action Canada
5890 Monkland Avenue
Montreal, Quebec, H4A 1G2
Tel: (514) 482-3204
Fax: (514) 482-1445
Toll-free DES Information Line: 1-800-4821-DES

When Girls Feel Fat
In the face of the dieting epidemic among girls as young as seven, this timely and practical book will be a boon to parents, teachers and health professionals seeking to prevent eating disorders and instill self-confidence in young women. Author Sandra Friedman explains that growing up female in a male world puts tremendous pressure on girls to be "perfect," and be accepted by others. "Feeling fat" can be a code used by teen-age girls to express negative and self-deprecating feelings. Friedman's Girls in the 90s program has been employed successfully throughout Canada and the U.S. to help young girls develop healthy body image and high self-esteem. When Girls Feel Fat was published in the spring of 1997 by HarperCollins.

The Health Gap: Beyond Pregnancy and Reproduction (cut if no room)

Written from a global perspective, this volume expands the traditional focus of research on women's health. Among the key research gaps identified and addressed are: women and AIDS, tropical disease, the working environment and barriers to quality health care. Concerned with linking health research to strategic policy development, the book also looks at new and emerging trends in women's health and sets priorities for future action. For more information, contact:

Beryl Scrivens, Publications
International Development Research Centre
P.O. Box 8500
Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 3H9
Tel: (613) 236-6163 ext. 2086


Exposure: Environmental Links to Breast Cancer
Breast cancer rates are increasing all over the world. Seventy to eighty percent of women with breast cancer have none of the "official" risk factors. Does living in an increasingly contaminated world have anything to do with this? This powerful new documentary video sets out to explore the little understood links between environmental degradation and breast cancer. Narrated by Olivia Newton-John, a breast cancer survivor, the video contains illuminating interviews with women such as CWHN Coordinating Committee member Vuyiswa Keyi-Ayema, Dr. Susan Love, Dr. Devra Lee Davis, Dr. Rosalie Bertell and Sharon Batt. The video is 48 minutes long and costs $32.07 (including tax) plus $6.00 shipping and handling in Canada. Special rates are available for students and the unwaged. For more information, contact:

The Women's Network on Health and the Environment
736 Bathurst Street
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2R4
Tel: (416) 516-2600
Fax: (416) 531-6214

The Childbirth Journey: Having Your Baby In Canada
This three-part video is a valuable tool for health care providers who accompany immigrant and refugee women on the childbirth journey in Canada. Workers can use it to help women understand the cultural differences that exist between childbirth and health care practices in Canada and their country of origin and make informed choices. For more information, contact:

Planned Parenthood Manitoba, Inc.
Second Floor, 555 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C OW4
Tel: (204) 982-7800
Fax: (204) 982-7819