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I’m pleased to write to you for the first time as the new Editor of Network magazine and Director of Communications at the Canadian Women‘s Health Network. It is exciting to take the helm of such a vibrant publication, and as we move forward I hope to continue to provide you with the best information and news on women’s health you have come to expect from Network.

                In this issue, profiles of work by the Centres of Excellence for  Women’s Health gives readers a look at some of the latest projects on women’s health in Canada. In a piece by the CWHN’s new Director of Knowledge Exchange, Jane Shulman, we examine work from the Atlantic Centre of Excellence in Women’s Health on the support services available for women with reproductive cancers, and how they might expand by teaming up with existing breast cancer support networks.

                The experiences of young Aboriginal mothers are given a powerful voice in a report from the Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence. In “Young Aboriginal Mothers in Winnipeg,” the firsthand accounts as well as the trends and statistics of motherhood in the city show the gaps in education and support.

                Based in Ontario, the National Network on the Environment and Women’s Health brings to light the way the chemicals in Canadians’ lives are regulated with an article on Canada’a new Chemical Management Plan. Authors Dolon Chakavartty and Anne Rochon Ford break down Health Canada and Environment Canada’s plan to reexamine the safety of 200 chemicals, and tell the public how they can learn more and  voice their opinions. In “Women and Water,” NNEWH’s new online home for research on the relationship between women and water in Canada is examined.

                In research originally done for Women and Health Protection, Dr. Barbara Mintzes examines antidepressants, pregnancy, and what the evidence is for their use. Do they help, harm, or neither? In “Do pregnant women benefit from taking antidepressants?,” interesting questions are raised about what we know and what we assume about the benefits of one of Canada’s most frequently prescribed drugs.

                Finally, see an introduction to the CWHN’s latest online expansions - our new webinar series. Launched in the fall, these hour-long web broadcasts have already brought hundreds of participants new and important information on women’s health topics, from drug regulation in Canada to more from Dr. Mintzes on the risks and benefits of antidepressants in pregnancy. Look for upcoming webinars on the CWHN website and in the Brigit’s Notes newsletter as the year goes on!


Signy Gerrard

Director of Communications