Tributes paid to Dr. Morgentaler, 1923 - 2013

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Dr. Henry Morgentaler, who worked with women in Canada for the past half century to win and protect our right to have an abortion, has died.

He was 90 years old.

Read some of the stories and tributes to him here.

Farewell to a brave, inspiring fighter: Canadians pay tribute to Dr. Henry Morgentaler (

Dr. Henry Morgentaler: “A True Canadian Hero Who Saved Countless Lives” (Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada)

Timeline: Henry Morgentaler, 1923 - 2013 (Globe and Mail)

January 2013 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that struck down Canada's abortion law. Many women across the country were involved in building the movement that advocated for that decision.

This 15-minute video commemorating that anniversary deals with how the Canadian reproductive freedom movement was built, and how Morgentaler was involved in this struggle: 25th Anniversary of The Morgentaler Decision: Carolyn Egan talks about the movement for choice.