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Health Sciences Centre Foundation

We support the men and women who provide health care at Health Sciences Centre, by funding research, education, advanced technology and infrastructure enhancements.

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Manitoba Centre for Health Policy
Conducts research on the health of Manitobans. Examines patterns of illness in the population, and studies how people use health care services. (See Details)
Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence
Works to improve the health of women in Manitoba and Saskatchewan in particular by making the health system more responsive to women’s and girls’ health and well being. (See Details)
Department of Community Health Sciences
Responsible for large teaching programs for medical undergraduates, community medicine residents, and graduate students. (See Details)
Centre for Aboriginal Health Research
Initiates, coordinates and supports research activities designed to assist First Nations and Aboriginal communities and organizations in their efforts to promote healing, wellness and improved health services in their communities. (See Details)