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Deaf Centre Manitoba
Grandview Community Health
Cross Lake Nursing Station
St. Boniface General Hospital
Alzheimer Society of Manitoba
Brandon Sun
Council of Canadians with Disabilities

Provides a leading voice for persons with disabilities in Canada. Site contains articles on health public policy, the Latimer case, CCD's work, and more. Les membres du CCD travaillent à l'amélioration des conditions des Canadiennes et Canadiens avec des déficiences. Le site Web offre accès aux documents français du CCD.

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Birth Roots Doula Collective

Works to assist women and their families through pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Hosts a twice-yearly Parenting & Birth Fair.

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Status of Women Manitoba

Works to influence government decision-making to ensure that the unique needs and concerns of women are integrated into public policy, legislation, and programs. Conducts research, policy and gender-analysis and raises awareness of emerging issues. Works with other government departments and the community to promote measures that will help women achieve equality. Generates government initiatives that reflect specific concerns and priorities of Manitoba women that require the Directorate’s intervention. // Oeuvre pour influer sur le processus décisionnel du gouvernement afin de veiller à ce que les difficultés et les besoins particuliers des femmes soient intégrés à la politique gouvernementale ainsi que dans la législation et les programmes.

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Brandon Friendship Centre