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Lynn Lake Hospital / Medical Clinic

Associated with the Burntwood Regional Health Authority

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HERIZONS is a quarterly Canadian feminist magazine that delivers the inside scoop on the Canadian women's movement: activism, the environment, health, policy issues and legal cases affecting women. Herizons serves up feminist satire and plenty of news at a glance. Canada’s largest feminist magazine is a unique hybrid of non-profit business, feminist publishing and advocacy journalism. Herizons is published in Winnipeg and distributed in every part of Canada. The magazine's talented, insightful contributors and its content span the country and the world.


Officially, Herizons' statement of purpose is: to publish an inspiring feminist magazine that fosters a state of wellness that enriches women’s lives; expands the boundaries of feminism; builds awareness of current issues as they affect women, and broadens the influence of feminist principles. Herizons aims to reflect a philosophy that is diverse, and one that is relevant to women’s daily lives.

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Bibliothèque Pere Champagne
Flin Flon Public Library

Our Flin Flon, Creighton and Community Library

is a community focused resource centre.

We maintain the traditional role of the Library

while embracing new technologies.

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Bren Det Win Centennial Library

The Bren Del Win Centennial Library is located in Deloraine, Manitoba (Main) with a branch located in the Waskada School. We serve the town of Deloraine, the village of Waskada and the rural municipalities of Winchester and Brenda.

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Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association

The Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association (MPhA) was established in 1878 and is the pharmacy regulatory and licensing authority in Manitoba. The principal mandate of MPhA is protection of the public.
To fulfill our mandate, the MPhA:

  • Registers and licenses pharmacists and pharmacies;
  • Ensures compliance with requirements, legislation and standards of pharmacy practice;
  • Supports continued maintenance of competence of practising pharmacists; and
  • Through continuous quality improvement strives for excellence in the provision of patient-centred pharmacy practice and improved patient health outcomes.

The MPhA is a founding member of Canada's National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) and is a member of District Five of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). In 2004, the NABP awarded the MPhA the Fred T. Mahaffey Award in recognition of "outstanding efforts to protect public health and welfare".

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Parkland Regional Health Authority

The Parkland Regional Health Authority is responsible for the planning, coordination, funding and delivery of all health services for the 42,000 residents within the Parkland Region, situated in West Central Manitoba, Canada

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Red River Michif Women's Council
Red River Michif Women's Council’s purpose is to promote a greater understanding of the traditions and roles of Metis women in the Province of Manitoba. The Red River Michif Women's Council acknowledges the widening gap between Métis women and other women. Métis women who are leaders at the community level provide valuable leadership on ways that their community can positively apply policies and recommendations to make significant change in their lives. As a member of the Métis National Council of Women, there is a growing network, a willingness to share, co-operate and strategize within our province and with other regions. It is important to value, support and learn from those who have taken on the challenge leadership roles at the regional and communities level. This leadership is an asset to Métis women participation and more engaged communities.
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Manitoba Blue Cross
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
IRCOM strives to empower newcomer families to integrate into the wider community through affordable transitional housing, programs, and services. (See Details)