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Breast Cancer Prevention Coalition
Forms an organization whose aim and focus is to ensure that primary cancer prevention ranks equally with efforts to treat and cure this disease. Through education and advocacy, they work for a prominent place at the table for primary prevention in areas such as public policy, research, and funding. (See Details)
Centre ontarien d'information en prévention
Appuie les individus, groupes et communautés dans leurs efforts pour atteindre la santé et le bien-être sur le plan social, émotionnel, physique et environnemental. Agit comme catalyseur des activités de promotion de la santé et de prévention en Ontario. Plusieurs sites Web connexes à la promotion de la santé en Ontario se trouvent sur ce site. Works to achieve social, environmental, and economic health and well-being for individuals, communities and local governments throughout Ontario. Supports healthy communities through a number of key initiatives at the local, regional, and provincial level. Hosts several Ontario-based health promotion websites. (See Details)