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Kaushee's Place - Yukon Women's Transition Home

Shelter to women and their children who are leaving abusive relationships. Offers no cost thirty day crisis level stay and independent second stage level housing in a secure environment. Weekly women's support group for residents and non-residents, Legal Advocate and Child Care worker on site, 24 hour crisis line and drop-in outreach service.

Help and Hope for Families: Watson Lake Transition Home

Home for women and children in crisis. Open 24 hours a day and provides a 24 hour telephone crisis support line. Provides support groups, children's programs, advocacy, education, referral, resources, outreach and support. Promotes awareness and empowerment.

Dawson City Women's Shelter
Provides confidential shelter, support and advocacy to women and children in crisis on a twenty-four hour basis. Also provides emergency shelter to transient women and their children, and acts as emergency foster home for the Dept. of Health and Social Services. Outreach Services include home visits, Youth Centre activities, and a weekly childcare drop-in program.