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Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Yukon
To establish and maintain a social, recreational, educational and political outlet for the gay and lesbian multicultural community.
Allergy/Asthma Information Association
National non-profit organization which assists allergy sufferers and their families in understanding their illness and how to avoid its recurrence; association has lending library and information pamphlets.
Line of Life Association of the Yukon
24 hour personal response system which provides peace of mind and security, knowing help is never out of reach.
Mental Health Services Yukon Health and Social Services, Mental Health Services
Services are provided for children, youth, and adults and include assessment and counselling interventions (both individual and group). A combination of cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic approaches are used. Additional services include community outreach, consultation, information provision and referral, community education and health promotion. (See Details)
Blood Ties Four Directions Centre
Offers confidential information, counseling and support. Provides a drop in center for HIV positive persons, family and friends. Book and video library, free condoms, confidential needle exchange program and education sessions. (See Details)
The Yukon Women's Directorate
The Yukon Women's Directorate supports the Yukon Government in its commitment to the economic, legal and social equality of women. Our Role: We assess legislation, policies and programs, and make recommendations to improve the status of Yukon women; We partner with other departments and organizations to increase opportunities, awareness and improve the quality of life for Yukon women; We work to create a society that values women, addresses their needs and reflects their values. (See Details)
Yukon Status of Women Council
Forms an advocacy and awareness group for women's issues, both locally and nationally.
Arthritis Association Yukon
Activities include education for the public and professionals about the management of rheumatic diseases and coordination for the ASNT (Arthritis Self Management Program).
Dawson City Women's Shelter
Provides confidential shelter, support and advocacy to women and children in crisis on a twenty-four hour basis. Also provides emergency shelter to transient women and their children, and acts as emergency foster home for the Dept. of Health and Social Services. Outreach Services include home visits, Youth Centre activities, and a weekly childcare drop-in program.
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Yukon
Promote the education of the general public, social institutions, professionals and the hard of hearing themselves, about hearing related problems and the available solutions. Promote the development of and accessibility to technical aids and to other services and facilities for the hard of hearing.