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National Network on Environments and Women's Health

Committed to articulating an environmental approach to women's health and to undertaking research activities which best reflect this approach.

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Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women's Health
Works to support research, influence policy and promote action on the social factors that affect women's health and well-being. (See Details)
Indigenous Peoples Health Research Centre
Clinical Research Institute of Montreal
Health Sciences Centre Foundation

We support the men and women who provide health care at Health Sciences Centre, by funding research, education, advanced technology and infrastructure enhancements.

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Canadian Heart Health Dissemination Project

The CHHDP (2000-2006) is a research project funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to study the provincial heart health dissemination projects that make up the Canadian Heart Health Initiative (CHHI). The CHHDP is designed to investigate the nature of the relationship between dissemination (activities and research) and capacity for heart health promotion.

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Aboriginal Women's Health and Healing Research Group
Forms a national network of First Nations, Métis and Inuit women researchers interested in community-based research focused on the health and healing of Aboriginal women, their families and communities. Receives financial support from the Women’s Health Contribution Program, Health Canada and is working toward the establishment of a Centre of Excellence for Aboriginal Women’s Health and Healing. Will create a supportive national context for Aboriginal women researchers and their community and academic partners to engage in health and healing research and policy advice. Will support and promote community-based health and healing research done by and with Aboriginal women. Will identify and address gaps and weaknesses in Aboriginal women’s health and healing research; promote research ethics that include Aboriginal consultation and input; foster critical contextual and Aboriginal approaches to health and healing research; and develop policy advice and recommendations for action to improve the health and healing of Aboriginal women, their families and communities. (See Details)
Canadian Health Economics Research Association

Broadening the Mandate of CHERA/ACRES to CAHSPR/ACRSPS


Background: The health care landscape in Canada has undergone dramatic transformations in the past decade, with important implications for research and decision-making in health services, health economics, and health policy domains.

There has been a growing need for a national broad-based interdisciplinary health services and policy research association to support practitioners, users and students of health research to enhance their research capacity and professional development. In response to this, a new membership-based health services association is launched.

The new Association called the Health Research / Association canadienne pour la recherche sur les services et les politiques de la santé (CAHSPR/ACRSPS), will replace the Canadian Health Economics Research Association/ Association Canadienne pour la Recherche en Économie de la Santé (CHERA/ACRES). The aim will be to enhance research capacity within both the researcher and "research user" communities.

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Community Health Research Unit

Focuses on understanding, measuring, and testing elements of public health essential to effective practice.

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Health Transition Fund

Was a $150 million fund which from 1997 - 2001 supported projects across Canada to test and evaluate innovative ways to deliver health care services.

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