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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Translates research findings into better patient care and provides policymakers and other health care leaders with information needed to make critical health care decisions. (See Details)
La pratique infirmiere en regions éloignées et rurales du Canada
Forms three-year project is to examine and articulate the nature of registered nursing practice in primary care, acute care, community health, continuing care (home care), and long term care settings within rural and remote Canada. Examines what nursing is really like in rural and remote communities and explore how nurses can best be educated and supported in their work. // Forme une recherche de trois années qui a pour but d'analyser et de mieux comprendre la nature de la pratique infirmière dans divers milieux de soins en régions éloignées et rurales du Canada: soins de santé primaires, soin aï, santé communautaire, soins à domicile, soins de longue durée. S'intéresse à ce que signifie "être infirmière" dans les communautés éloignées et/ou rurales afin de mieux cerner les besoins d'encadrement et de formation. (See Details)
Global Forum for Health Research
Works to help correct the 10/90 gap in health research and focuses research efforts on the health problems of the poor. (See Details)
Population Council
Conducts research on three fronts: biomedical, social science, and public health. This research — and the information it produces — helps change the way people think about problems related to reproductive health and population growth. (See Details)
Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research
Mobilizes support for global health research through advocacy. Links research with action to improve global health. Builds global health research capacity in Canada and low- and middle-income countries. // Intercède en faveur de la mobilisation d'appuis à l'égard de la recherche en santé mondiale. Lie recherche et action pour améliorer la santé mondiale. Établit une capacité de recherche en santé mondiale au Canada et dans les pays à revenus moyens et faibles. (See Details)
Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence
Works to improve the health of women in Manitoba and Saskatchewan in particular by making the health system more responsive to women’s and girls’ health and well being. (See Details)
Health Association of African Canadians
Works to provide resources, conduct research, and disseminate research findings to government agencies, institutions, and Black communities, with a long-term vision of seeking policy reform on health issues of African Canadians. (See Details)
Department of Community Health Sciences
Responsible for large teaching programs for medical undergraduates, community medicine residents, and graduate students. (See Details)
Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine at Columbia University

A non-profit organization dedicated to the study of the differences of every aspect of normal function in men and women, and the ways in which a greater understanding of these differences can revolutionize the investigation and the treatment of illness. Their goal is to educate physicians and the public about this important new field and to fund scientific research which takes these differences into account. Put simply, a recognition of gender differences is crucial to improving the health of both men and women.

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Wellesley Institute

The Wellesley Institute advances population health through rigorous research, pragmatic policy solutions, social innovation, and community action.

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