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Forms a grassroots organization committed to helping families cope with the effects of mental illness through support, education, information and advocacy. Provides support groups, education programs, recovery workshops and speaker evenings.

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British Columbia Reproductive Mental Health Program
Serves women with psychiatric disorders specifically related to their reproductive cycle. Also assists women throughout the province through services in outpatient clinics, consultations, hospital visits, and community workshops. (See Details)
Richmond Health Services Society
South-East Regional Health Authority

More than 3,000 staff and physicians choose South-East Regional Health Authority as their place of employment, an organization Maclean`s magazine named as one of Canada`s top 100 employers for two consecutive years (2004, 2005).

South-East Regional Health Authority`s objective in a growing and steadily developing region is to be a key player in the promotion of healthy communities and the provision of quality health care.

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Skookum Jim Friendship Centre

Skookum Jim™ Friendship Centre is a non-profit organization committed to a vision of bettering the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well being of First Nations peoples, fostering the way of Friendship and understanding between people.

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Niagara Health System
COAST Foundation Society
YWCA of Greater Toronto
Saltspring Community Services


The VISION of Salt Spring and Southern Gulf Islands Community Services Society is to support an inclusive community in which everyone lives in a healthy, caring and sustainable environment.


The MISSION of Salt Spring and Southern Gulf Islands Community Services Society is to plan for and provide quality services to support and strengthen individuals, families and communities.

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Kaiser Foundation

The Kaiser Foundation


Mental health and addictions are not moral issues.
They are public health issues. 


Mental health and addictions are complex issues, affecting all levels of society. Did you know that the conservative estimated total annual expenditure on mental health and addictions exceeds $70 billion in Canada alone. Combined, they constitute the largest single cause of morbidity for ages 14 to 45.


To date, governments fund the vast majority of initiatives addressing mental health and addictions. Governments alone cannot solve these problems. The Private Sector needs to be actively aware of and involved in helping find solutions to these issues. Community-based programs do exemplary work but need more funding and too rarely have the opportunity to work with and learn from each other.


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