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Stardale Women's Group

Forms a learning and healing center for Aboriginal women and women of poverty. Provides life skills and literacy education, as well as advocacy to women living in poverty and abusive situations, toward empowering their lives, their families, and their communities, thus overcoming systemic barriers.

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Yukon Aboriginal Women's Council

Works to advance the interests of women of Indian or Inuit ancestry in the Yukon including Status, Non-Status, Indians and Metis. Supports and enforces the Indian Rights of the Status Indian women and the civil and human rights of all native women in the Yukon and Northern B.C. Helps Indian women increase their feeling of adequacy and their sense of responsibility through planning, developing and managing self-help projects. Encourages Indian women to assume a more positive and active part in developing skills to support their people. Promotes and aids in the development and preservation of Indian culture, arts and handicrafts.

Red River Michif Women's Council
Red River Michif Women's Council’s purpose is to promote a greater understanding of the traditions and roles of Metis women in the Province of Manitoba. The Red River Michif Women's Council acknowledges the widening gap between Métis women and other women. Métis women who are leaders at the community level provide valuable leadership on ways that their community can positively apply policies and recommendations to make significant change in their lives. As a member of the Métis National Council of Women, there is a growing network, a willingness to share, co-operate and strategize within our province and with other regions. It is important to value, support and learn from those who have taken on the challenge leadership roles at the regional and communities level. This leadership is an asset to Métis women participation and more engaged communities.
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Aboriginal Women's Health and Healing Research Group
Forms a national network of First Nations, Métis and Inuit women researchers interested in community-based research focused on the health and healing of Aboriginal women, their families and communities. Receives financial support from the Women’s Health Contribution Program, Health Canada and is working toward the establishment of a Centre of Excellence for Aboriginal Women’s Health and Healing. Will create a supportive national context for Aboriginal women researchers and their community and academic partners to engage in health and healing research and policy advice. Will support and promote community-based health and healing research done by and with Aboriginal women. Will identify and address gaps and weaknesses in Aboriginal women’s health and healing research; promote research ethics that include Aboriginal consultation and input; foster critical contextual and Aboriginal approaches to health and healing research; and develop policy advice and recommendations for action to improve the health and healing of Aboriginal women, their families and communities. (See Details)
Aboriginal Headstart Program

Kermode Friendship Society Aboriginal Head Start

The Aboriginal Head Start Program at the Kermode Friendship Society in Terrace BC is a brand new program that the whole community is very excited about. We are in our second year and serve 40 children of Aboriginal descent in two preschool classes Monday to Thursday, with a staff of 7 employees.


We have a good working relationship with other community programs such as the CAPC parenting program, Early Childhood Development program and the Child Development Center, our licensing office including the nutritionist and environmental health office, and the School District.


The Head Start Program is committed to assisting Aboriginal children to develop with the best possible support. Everyone in the program - our staff, Parent Advisory Council, families, and our community - all play a significant role in the life of every child that enters our program.


Children need to discover, enjoy, play, explore and have an opportunity to learn new things. Aboriginal Head Start is something to celebrate!


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Native Women's Transition Centre
Provides temporary residence for Aboriginal women and their children, as well as support groups for skills development for independent living, counselling, child care services and women's sharing circles. Also operates Memengwaa Place, which offers second-stage, independent living for Aboriginal women and children suffering from the long-term effects of abuse. (See Details)
Fisher River First Nations Healing Centre

Forms an Aboriginal women's shelter that provides group and individual counselling, advocacy for legal issues, and anger management classes for men and women.

Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre - McGregor Neighbourhood Site

Maintains a resource centre in Winnipeg that provides culturally relevant preventive and supportive programs and services for Aboriginal families.

Native Women's Resource Centre

Delivers programs and services to empower and enrich Native women and children to build strong families and communities. Services include, but are not limited to education, support services, and self-help groups.

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Prince Albert Grand Council Women's Commission

Provides healing from the effects of family violence using a holistic approach that involves the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well being of victim(s), children, offenders, extended families and the community. Targets Aboriginal people who are experiencing problems with family violence, as well as serving non-Aboriginal people who are in crisis and seeking support.