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Planned Parenthood Ottawa
Offers counseling and education to assist and support people in making informed sexual and reproductive choices. (See Details)
Planned Parenthood Cape Breton
Provides free services, information and counselling on basic anatomy, sexuality, menstruation, birth control, prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), menopause, and counselling for pregnant women. (See Details)
Choice in Health Clinic

Provides a women-staffed reproductive health and abortion clinic in Toronto, ON.

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CBCA: Sexual and Reproductive Wellness Centre

Offers counselling and education services that help people consider their sexual and reproductive choices in informed and responsible ways. Discusses pregnancy, birth control, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV/AIDS, sexuality, and sexual orientation (including gay, lesbian and bisexual issues).

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Newfoundland and Labrador's Sexual Health Centre

Promotes responsible sexual practices and provides preventative healthcare and information. Services include birth control advice, pregnancy testing, testing and treatment for STDs, physicians’ clinics and educational workshops for the public.

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KLINIC Community Health Centre
Provides primary health care for adults and children, reproductive health services and community outreach services to the Winnipeg community. Additional services include outreach services for the elderly, crisis intervention, sexual-assault counselling, family-violence counselling, and community education. (See Details)
Planned Parenthood of Toronto
A community-based agency whose purpose is to promote healthy sexuality by educating, supporting and encouraging women and men in informed decision making. (See Details)
Options for Sexual Health
Provides reproductive health care and education services in communities across BC through a province-wide network of reproductive health clinics and educators. (See Details)
Planned Parenthood Waterloo Region
Offers education and counselling services to assist people in making choices about their sexual and reproductive health. Includes a resource centre with a variety of publications and pamphlets. (See Details)
Planned Parenthood Edmonton
Provides education and counselling services on sexual and reproductive health to the greater Edmonton area. (See Details)