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Lamont Health Care Centre
The Lamont Health Care Centre is a contracted service provider, offering services in acute and continuing care, emergency, surgery, ophthalmology, radiology, rehabilitation, and palliative care. (See Details)
Clean Air Coalition of British Columbia

Through our partnerships with community, regional, and national groups, we aim to:


  • Make it harder for children and youth to start smoking or use other tobacco products (Prevention)
  • Protect the public from involuntary exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke (Protection)
  • Make it easier for those addicted to tobacco products to quit (Cessation)
  • Educate the public about the tactics and strategies used by the tobacco industry to target youth and increase uptake and consumption (Denormalization)
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Saltspring Community Services


The VISION of Salt Spring and Southern Gulf Islands Community Services Society is to support an inclusive community in which everyone lives in a healthy, caring and sustainable environment.


The MISSION of Salt Spring and Southern Gulf Islands Community Services Society is to plan for and provide quality services to support and strengthen individuals, families and communities.

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CINBIOSE: Centre for the study of biological interactions in human health

Conducts interdisciplinary research and training on workplace health and environmental health.

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Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health
Forms a centre comprised of researchers who study molecular responses to environmental exposures and seek to explain why certain individuals are more vulernable to these exposures than others. (See Details)
Coalition des communautés en santé de l'Ontario

Brings together a broad-based group of community and provincial associations, spanning the social, environmental, economic, and political spectrums. Members share a common goal of creating healthier communities, and they actively support the Healthy Communities network by sharing their knowledge, skills and experiences with others. // Forme un groupe ample d`organismes provinciaux et communautaires qui oeuvrent dans les secteurs social, environnemental, économique et politique. Membres de la CCSO partagent un but commun, celui d'améliorer la santé de leurs communautés. (See Details)

The Centre for the Advancement of Health
CFAH is a nonprofit policy organization that aims to achieve te widespread acceptance and use of a view of health that recognizes the contributions of physical, behavioral, psychological, social, and environmental factors in promoting health and preventing and treating disease. (See Details)
Environmental Working Group
Conducts environmental research. (See Details)
International Institute of Concern for Public Health
Forms an organization dedicated to helping communities assess and improve their environmental health status. Alerts and informs the public of the health hazards of pesticides, nuclear industries and other commercial, military, and industrial products. (See Details)
The California Body Burden Campaign
Forms a network of public health, environmental health and justice, faith and labor organizations working to establish a California biomonitoring program. (See Details)