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Workshop Proceedings


Individual Proceedings/Table of Contents

SECTION 1: Introduction
SECTION 2: Opening Plenary
SECTION 3: “Health” Theme
SECTION 4: “Wealth” Theme
SECTION 5: “Community” Theme

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SECTION 1: Introduction

Placing Values at the Centre of Biotechnology Policy: The Canadian Biotechnology Strategy and Women’s Health. Opening Remarks
Susan Sherwin (Download PDF: 36K/8p)

SECTION 2: Opening Plenary

The New Genetic Therapies: The Case of Herceptin for Breast Cancer
Sharon Batt (Download PDF:40K/9p)

Belling the Cat: Learning to know (but not necessarily trust) the new genetics
Pat Kaufert (Download PDF: 47K/9p)

SECTION 3: “Health” Theme

Ethics and Genetics: The Need for Transparency
Fern Brunger and Sue Cox (Download PDF: 22K/5p)

Geneticization and the Canadian Biotechnology Strategy: The Marketing of Women's Health
Abby Lippman (Download PDF: 50K/9p)

What’s So New about the “New Genetics”?: Genetic Counselling and the Medical Management of “Genetic” Information
Fiona Miller (Download PDF:48K/9p )

The Hazards of Human Developmental Gene Modification
Stuart Newman (Download PDF:20K/5p )

Genetic Testing, Citizenship and Subjectivity: Implications for Women and Health
Jessica Polzer (Download PDF:46K/9p)

Risk, biotechnology and political rationality: Lessons from women’s accounts of breast cancer risks
Ann Robertson (Download PDF: 51K13p)

SECTION 4: “Wealth” Theme

Genetic Engineering in Agriculture and Health: Feminist Dilemmas and/or Opportunities
Elisabeth Abergel (Download PDF:25K/6p)

Engaging the State? Framing Feminist Politics in an Era of State-Led “Reform”
Pat Armstrong (Download PDF:16K/4p)

Biotechnology and Women’s Health: Re-Defining the Questions
Madeline Boscoe and Sari Tudiver (Download PDF:36K/6p )

Gender and the Gene Giants: Research and action on women and the new genetics Julie Delahanty, for RAFI (Download PDF: 50K/9p)

Environmental Sustainability and the Canadian Biotechnology Strategy
Margrit Eichler (Download PDF: 21K/5p)

The New Genetics in the Post-Keynesian State
Roxanne Mykitiuk (Download PDF: 34K/7p)

Tne Part of an Anti-Racist, Feminist Political Standpoint against Biopiracy Nandita Sharma (Download PDF: 30K/7p )

Nurturing Cycles
Penny Van Esterik (Download PDF: 23K/5p)

Biotechnology, Strategy, and Wealth for Whom: Commentary on the Theme of Biotechnology and Wealth
Helen Bequaert Holmes, respondent (Download PDF: 32K/7p)

Preserving Cultural Diversity through the Preservation of Biological Diversity: Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities, and the Role of Digital Technologies
Rosemary J Coombe (Download PDF: 173K/29p)

SECTION 5: “Community” Theme

Stepping into the Breach: Provincial Funders Replace Federal Regulators in Defense of Public Priorities and Safety
Ken Bassett (Download PDF: 42K/9p)

Science Education for a Science Dependent Culture
Ellen Larsen (Download PDF:10K/3p )

A Gender Critique of Forensic DNA Evidence: Collection, Storage and Applications
Patricia Lee (Download PDF: 57K/11p )

The Human Genome Project and the Issue of Biodiversity
Priscilla Settee (Download PDF:35K/7p )

Obscuring Disability: The Pursuit of “Quality” in the CBS
Catherine Frazee, author and respondent (Download PDF: 44K/8p)

Communities Constituted through the New Genetics: Actions and Reactions. Commentary on the Theme of Biotechnology and Community
Margaret Lock, respondent (Download PDF: 33K/6p)



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Individual Workshop Proceedings/Table of Contents


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